Nat Turner Unchained is an independent feature film project currently in pre-production. Principal photography begins in 2012.

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  1. Nat Turner’s life and story truly has it’s right in America’s ugly history.

    Appropriately pointed out, Mr. Turner is the rebellious figure before there was a Tupac and before there was an Mr Obama.

    This project is really amazing. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn of and about this rebel black man in our American history, especially, during the painful parts of our ugly past.

    I admire many of Mr Turner’s triumphs especially him as a child teaching himself how to read and yet at the same time looking back over his life’s body of existence was nothing less than bittersweet.

    I pray I can be apart of this project. Nat Turner’s life has truly spearheaded something deep within my spirit. It is the same exact feelings emotionally and mentally I have for Tupac. I love Tupac for life. I met Tupac and I miss Tupac. Thank you kindly for posting.

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